Lake St Helens June 12th

Shoe’s Top Bass

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June 12, 2021 on Lake St. Helen


June 12th, marked the second tournament of the season, for Top Bass. This event was named

“The D & R Sport Center Open”, after one of our great sponsors.

The weather for the tournament was humid, under P. cloudy skies, normal winds & temp in the 70’s.

Fishing for this event was not the best. Anglers stated that they caught many bass, but most of them in the 10-13” range. Also there were tons of pike caught! Not many limits came to the scales, with most who weighed in, only having 1 to 3 fish. We also had 9 anglers who did not weigh-in a fish.

Only 98 fish came to the scales. All fish seemed healthy, just not that big.

Congratulations to Morris Collins, from West Bloomfield, who had a limit for 15.07#, and walked away with the win. Second Place went to Bill Hurley, from Waterford, who had a limit for 12.64#, and was anchored by Big Bass for the tournament @ 4.69#. Ron Conner, from Oxford, took 3rd Place, with 11.98#. Fourth Place went to Kevin Vida, from Clare, with10.31#. Good job to all who fished this tournament.


1. Morris Collins, W. Bloomfield 15.07#

2. Bill Hurley, Waterford 12.64#

3. Ron Conner, Oxford 11.98#

4. Kevin Vida, Clare 10.31#

5. Steve Bigelow, Gladwin 10.26#

6. Bob Hitchcock, Clare 10.03#

7. Nate Ackerman, Bay City 10.00#

8. Al German, Vassar 9.49#

9. Elmer Daniels, Jackson 8.93#

10. Nate Sleight, Linwood 8.86#

11. Keith Gyulveszi, Clare 7.32#

12. Tom Shoemaker Jr. 6.85#

13. Jim Baker, Bay City 6.76#

14. Mitch Waite, Clare 6.53#

15. Steve Glynn, Midland 6.47#

16. Billy Booth, Midland 5.56#

17. Kayden Wisniewski, Alpena 5.33#

18. Jason Jackson, Harrison 5.15#

19. Jim Clevinger, Beaverton 4.87#

20. Randy Bigford, Spruce 4.74#

NEXT TOURNAMENTS – June 26thHoughton Lake – The Gold Eagle Open, W. End DNR launch

July 10thMissaukee Lake – Frank’s Great Outdoors Challenge 1

July 24thHoughton Lake – Frank’s Great Outdoors Challenge 2

SPECIAL JULY CHALLENGE TOURNAMENT – Frank’s Great Outdoors is sponsoring 2 regular one day tournament with an added Challenge Tournament format (Optional). For an added $30 on July 10th (Missaukee Lake), you will be entered into the 2 lake Challenge Tournament. Total weight from both Challenges (Missaukee July 10 & Houghton July 24), will determine the winners. Payout for this 2 lake Challenge, is 1 in 7, with sponsor adding $$$ to the prize fund. You can still fish the July 10 & July 24 tournaments, without entering the Challenge. These are normal one day tournaments, with the Optional Challenge event added.

FOR INFORMATION – CALL Elmer Daniels (517) 962-2345 E-mail –

OR Tom Shoemaker (989) 313-0700