The Dick's Sporting Goods Open

August 20th, 2022 on

Saginaw River/Bay


Top Bass Tournament Trail, held its 8th tournament of the 2022 tournament season. This event was named “The Dick’s Sporting Goods Open”, in honor of one of our Great Sponsors.

The weather for the tournament was not the best, as we had several rounds of rain, and some thunder and lightning. The worst was during the end of the weigh-in, when the rain was very heavy, and there were several lightning hits it the area, with one about 150 feet from the weigh-in, that hit one of the light poles in the parking lot. Rather scary time. The winds were about 8 mph during the day, under mostly cloudy skies, and a temp that got to about 81.

The fishing was very good, as we had 30 limits, and 179 fish come to the scales. Only 7 anglers did not weigh-in, as they released what fish they had, and some departed early, due to the weather.

A special “Thank You”, to Tiffany Kress and Dick’s Sporting Goods for their continued sponsorship.

Congratulations to Trevor Bowland, from Sanford, who had a great day, and came to the scales with a great limit that turned the scales at 18.14#, to take the win. Second Place, went to Nathan Derdowski, from Saginaw, with a 5 bass limit for 17.69#. David Newcomb, from Sanford, also had a great day, as he weighed in a limit at 16.88#, which included Big Bass for the tournament at 4.92#. David fished almost the complete tournament without a trolling motor, as his broke at the start, and he had to use a push pole to move around. Fourth Place, went to Keith Gyulveszi, from Clare, who turned in a limit for 16.53#. This was the third straight tournament that Keith, has finished in the top 6 places. Michael Sieliniski, from Gladwin was not far behind, as he boated a limit at 16.22#. A great job to all who fished, and we released all 100% of the fish back into the river alive.

TOURNAMENT STANDINGS – Top 26 only – due to space

  1. Trevor Bowland, Sanford 18.14#

  2. Nathan Derdowski, Saginaw 17.69#

  3. David Newcomb, Sanford 16.88#

  4. Keith Gyulveszi, Clare 16.53#

  5. Michael Sielinski, Gladwin 16.22#

  6. Billy Booth, Midland 15.68#

  7. Mark Reinke, Gladwin 15.28#

  8. Steve Glynn, Midland 14.98#

  9. John Franko, Clare 14.95#

  10. Hayden Goson, Davison 14.91#

  11. Brandt Wisniewski, Bay City 14.81#

  12. Brian Anderson, Linwood 14.28#

  13. Kyle Kigar, Gladwin 14.04#

  14. Al German, Vassar 13.83#

  15. Andy Maier, Midland 13.51#

  16. Elmer Daniels, Jackson 13.49#

  17. Peter Jones, Midland 13.45#

  18. Kevin Vida, Clare 13.42#

  19. RonConner, Oxford 13.04#

  20. Travis Green, Grand Blanc 12.84#

  21. Tyler Everett, Holt 12.68#

  22. Travis Vida, Clare 12.68#

  23. Bob Wozniak, Pinconning 12.34#

  24. Ken Wisniewski, Bay City 11.38#

  25. Mike Parsons, Clare 11.33#

  26. Cal Tomlinson, Midland 11.22#

ANGLER OF THE YEAR RACE – Best 6 of the first 8 Tournaments – (dropping 2)

(Angler Of The Year, goes to the person who weighs in the most total weight for their best 7 of the 9 tournaments)

  1. Billy Booth, Midland 85.95#

  2. Mark Reinke, Gladwin 82.72#

  3. Kevin Vida, Clare 78.87#

  4. Michael Sielinski, Gladwin 78.80#

  5. Andy Maier, Midland 77.81#

  6. Keith Gyulveszi, Clare 77.70#


By NORTHWOODS OUTLET – August 27-28, on Saginaw River/Bay

***REMINDERFor the 2 Day Championship, the entry fee is $140, and the Option Pot is $20, with Big Bass being $10. There will be both Big Bass and Option Pots, paid out for both days.

Cash & Prizes to the top 15 finishers, with 15th Place receiving over $300 in cash & prizes. For those who are not in the top 15, there will be picks, larger than normal for all those who stay for the complete weigh-in.

If you want to fish the Championship, but did NOT get the 2 one day tournaments in, call Elmer.

FOR INFORMATION – CALL – ELMER DANIELS (517) 962-2345 E-mail –

OR - TOM SHOEMAKER (989) 313-0700