The Mercury Marine Open

June 4th, 2022 on Saginaw River/Bay


Top Bass Tournament Trail, held their second tournament of the 2022 season, on Saginaw River/Bay. The tournament launched from the township launch, next to the USS Edison ship & museum. This tournament was named “The Mercury Marine Open”, after one of our great sponsors.

A special Thank You, to Mercury Marine & Michelle Kilburn, for their continued support of Top Bass.

The weather for the tournament was good, with the Temp. near 80, and light winds for the bay.

The fishing was good as we had 37 limits, and a total of 226 bass, come to the scales, with 100% of them going back into the river alive. Good job to all that fished, on keeping your fish alive.

Congratulations to Jamie Sochocki, from Bridgeport, who ran away from the field, to win 1st Place, by almost 2 ½ pounds, with a quality bag that turned the scales at 21.42#. Second Place went to Peter Jones from Midland, with a nice bag at 19.11#. He was followed by Jim Clevinger, from Beaverton, with a limit at 18.66#, which was anchored by Big Bass for the tournament at 4.92#. We then had Billy Booth, from Midland, in 4th Place with 16.50#. Ron Conner, from Oxford, finished in 5th Place, with 15.93#, and said that it was the first time he had cashed in all the tournaments that he had fished on the Bay.


  1. Jamie Sochocki, Bridgeport 21.42#

  2. Peter Jones, Midland 19.11#

  3. Jim Clevinger, Beaverton 18.66#

  4. Billy Booth, Midland 16.50#

  5. Ron Conner, Oxford 15.93#

  6. Brayden Ruckman, Freeland 15.72#

  7. Michael Sielinski, Gladwin 15.60#

  8. Nathan Troyanak, New Boston 15.60#

  9. Bob Wingate, Lake 15.24#

  10. Keith Gyulveszi, Clare 15.07#

  11. Cody Deatsman, Beaverton 14.96#

  12. Jeff Crowley, Goodrich 14.78#

  13. Mark Reinke, Gladwin 14.61#

  14. Andy Maier, Midland 14.54#

  15. Travis Vida, Clare 13.92#

  16. Chris Barrett, Holt 13.80#

  17. Elmer Daniels, Jackson 13.41#

  18. Nate Collins, Rochester 13.29#

  19. Kevin Vida, Clare 13.24#

  20. Zachary McNary, Dowagaic 13.17#

  21. Bob Wozniak, Pinconning 13.13#

  22. Brendan Gyulveszi, Clare 13.07#

  23. Chris Santti, Redford 12.94#

  24. Eric Hanover, Bay City 12.69#

  25. Steve Slackta, Grand Blanc 12.36#

  26. Cal Tomlinson, Midland 12.33#

  27. Morris Collins, W. Bloomfield 12.09#

  28. Brian Anderson, Linwood 12.05#

  29. Al German, Vassar 11.89#

  30. Tom Shoemaker, Jr. Pinconning 11.64#


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