The D & R Sport Center Open

June 25th, 2022 on Houghton Lake


Top Bass Tournament Trail, held its fourth tournament of the 2022 season, on Houghton Lake.

The tournament, went out of the West DNR ramp. This tournament was named “The D & R Sport Center Open”, in honor of one of the great sponsors of Top Bass.

The weather for the tournament was mostly sunny, with temps near 80, and about 12 mph winds.

The fishing was pretty good, as we had 28 limits and a total of 172 bass come to the scales.

Congratulations to Mike Parsons, from Clare, who had a limit for 14.04#, to take the win, and the 1st Place trophy. Second Place went to Brenden Gyulveszi, from Clare, with 13.20#. J P, from Houghton Lake, turned his 12.48# limit, into Third Place. John Franko, from Clare, followed with 12.19#, which netted him Fourth Place. Keith Gyulveszi, from Clare, and the father of the 2nd Place finisher, finished in Fifth Place with 12.15#. Big Bass for the tournament, went to Peter Jones, from Midland with 3.59#.


1. Mike Parsons, Clare 14.04#

2. Brenden Gyulveszi, Clare 13.20#

3. J P, Houghton Lake 12.48#

4. John Franko, Clare 12.19#

5. Keith Gyulveszi, Clare 12.15#

6. Jeff Crowley, Goodrich 12.05#

7. Gary Emery, Gladwin 11.75#

8. Dave Newcomb, Sanford 11.43#

9. Steve Slackta, Grand Blanc 11.21#

10. Jim Clevinger, Beaverton 10.99#

11. Peter Jones, Midland 10.98#

12. Kyle Kigar, Gladwin 10.96#

13. Mark Reinke, Gladwin 10.79#

14. Steve Glynn, Midland 10.49#

15. Kevin Vida, Clare 10.42#

16. Jacob Jackson, Houghton Lake 10.35#

17. Andy Maier, Midland 10.16#

18. Elmer Daniels, Jackson 10.03#

19. Tom Shoemaker Jr. 9.98#

20. Brian Anderson, Linwood 9.94#

21. Billy Booth, Midland 9.65#

22. Nathan Troyanek, New Boston 9.59#

23. Bill Hurley, Waterford 9.58#

24. Brandt Wisniewski, Bay City 9.41#

25. Bob Hitchcock, Clare 9.26#

26. Mike Sielinski, Gladwin 8.75#

27. Bob Wingate, Lake 8.64#

28. Fred Mosley, Fling 8.50#

ANGLER OF THE YEAR RACE – Best 3 of the first 4 Tournaments – (dropping 1)

(Angler Of The Year, goes to the person who weighs in the most total weight for their best 7 of the 9 tournaments)

1. Billy Booth, Midland 46.20# 3. Peter Jones, Midland 42.23#

2. Kevin Vida, Clare 43.35# 4. Mike Sielinski, Gladwin 42.00#


July 9thMissaukee Lake – Frank’s Great Outdoors Challenge 1 Missaukee County Park Launch

July 23rd - Houghton Lake - Frank’s Great Outdoors Challenge 2 West End DNR ramp

*SPECIAL CHALLLENGE TOURNAMENTS – Frank’s Great Outdoors is sponsoring 2 regular one day tournaments with an added Challenge Tournament format (Optional). For an added $30 on July 9th (Missaukee Lake), you will be entered into the 2 lake Challenge tournament. Total weight from both Challenges (Missaukee Lake July 9th & Houghton Lake July 23), will determine the winner of the optional tournament. Payout for the Challenge is 1 in 7, with the sponsor adding $$$$ to the prize fund. You can still fish the July 9 & July 23 tournaments, without entering the Challenge format tournament. Those 2 tournaments are normal tournaments & the Challenge is just Optional.

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